Letsopa Advice Centre, NW

High impact outreach program LAC together with DHA.

Letsopa Advice Centre conducted high mass impact Community Outreach program in Ottosdal, Letsopa In assistance of involving Department of Home Affairs to curb the number of high marginalized people without Life Documents (SMART CARD IDENTITY,CHILD BIRTH CERTIFICATE) and all other related services the department is rendering.

The Outcomes

We had a turnout of about 250 attendees in total number, with 4 mobile trucks, 18 Home Affairs Officials including local authorities for monitoring of the Program, and the Department had successfully managed to issue first time applicant of about 52, Re-Issue of 17, 1 passport issued, and about 13 Elderly people also got assisted with their identity document being issued and this has brought a success story to our objective as Letsopa Advice Centre, were all eighty three 83 clients has been assisted by this program.

The Challenges

We have a high number of people without life documents in our database, and all their problem is the LATE REGISTRATION OF BIRTH of which cannot be conducted on outreach programs as it require INTERVIEWING of APPLICANTS, on this regard some have no track of their immediate families/some have no record of their date of birth and some have only Baptismal certificate as their proof which make it very difficult to apply for life documents with the department.